Hand Block Print Cotton Bedspreads

Hand Block Print Cotton Bedspreads

Indian Bedding Set

Extravagantly patterned, Hand Crafted in exotic hues India Bedding set from Mogulinterior brings in traditional patterns of hand block print cotton bedspread like floral paisleys, mandala, birds and elephants, dandia dance in vivid palettes of blues, greens, pinks, yellow, orange, black, white and reds are available in king size bedspread, queen and twin size Bed cover  – these are just a few of the elusive elements that capture the quiescence of the interior decors.Authentic hand block printed, hand loomed cotton bedspreads.Variation and color runs are an inherent part of the hand crafting process.

Add a touch of beautiful Indian elegance to your home with our exotic range of furnishings. Explore our range of Luxury bedding, Cotton Bedspreads, weave design Silk and Reversible Pashmina Blanket  through bed cover, Beaded Bedspread, Sheer Tab-Top Curtains, Decorative Pillow Covers, and Table Linens.  A few well chosen accents infuse a room with India Style that gives a classic yet chic definition.

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