Antique Home Decor Furniture

08 Dec

Antique vintage furniture such as “damchiyas” and “manjoosh” are traditional Indian chests used to store textiles or grains, an unusual and eclectic mix of the traditional and simpler styles of furniture.

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Antique Tribal Carved Altar Sideboard Indian Home Decor Furniture
Antique Indian Bookcase Hand Carved Book Shelf Furniture
Antique Doors Vishnu Hand Painted Temple Door Brass Fitted Indian Furniture 18c
Antique Distressed wood Chakki Table Hand Carved Side Table India Furniture
Antique Doors Dining Table with Iron Nails Hand Carving Distressed Wood Table Furniture
Antique Indian Al-Burāq Wall Sculpture Hand Carved Rustic Wood Wall Furniture
Antique Indian Cabinet Reclaimed Teak Doors India Furniture Rustic Distressed
Antique Console Damchia Sideboard Hand Carved Indian Chest Spanish Moroccan Mediterranean Boho Shabby Chic Interiors
Antique Doors Dancing Lady Carved Wood Wall Panel



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